Polychronization: spnet.m in Python

I am still working on neural networks with heterogenous conduction delays, inspired by Izhikevich’s work about Polychronization. As I couldn’t find a Python implementation of his script file spnet.m (which is written in Matlab), I wrote it by myself, using the modules Numpy and Matplotlib. It is a more or less direct conversion of the Matlab code to Python thanks to Numpy. Maybe someone else can use this code as well.



Blender scripts for creating Slideshows

This is maybe just the beginning but I thought I share it already because in the next couple of weeks I have no time to continue working on these scripts. I recently created a slideshow in the Video Sequence Editor (VSE) of Blender. The VSE has originally not been designed for creating slideshows (e.g. in contrast to the Windows Movie Maker) but with a few scripts, which restore the aspect ratio of images and which add pans and zooms to an image, it is pretty easy and straightforward to put a slideshow together. The scripts and a more detailed description can be found in this post at BlenderArtists.org.