Learning Piano Improvisation

If you are interested in playing the piano just by your ear, to improvise or to reinterpret common songs, you need to improve your technical skills and gain a deeper understanding of the principles behind certain musical styles. Bill Hilton created numerous videos that cover various aspects of piano playing that are very helpful to autodidactically improve your skills.


NeuroSynth is a platform for large-scale, automated synthesis of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) data extracted from published articles.

A great resource to immediatly visualize fMRI results of term-based meta-analyses and to access the related studies.

Brain-in-a-box at ECTA

On behalf of me, a colleague of mine represented me at the ECTA 2012, presenting my position paper The Brain in a Box – An Encoding Scheme for Natural Neural Networks. The main message is that unlike in other approaches it is maybe more natural to just encode neurons and their properties while the wiring of the neurons underlies self-organization. From this perspective, the function of a neural network is the result of spatial properties of neurons and their axons and dendrites.

I wished I could be there to present and explain the ideas. Just in case you have any questions, write me an email or leave a comment.